Category: Meter Proving

Meter Proving Reports

A meter proving report is the record of a meter proving and must be completed to calculate the net volume being measured by the meter being proven. A meter proving report may contain considerable information but the following information is usually considered the minimum necessary to identify the proving and allow calculation of net volumes: […]

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Meter Proving Systems

Meter proving systems should include the following considerations: • All proving vessels should be calibrated by qualified personnel using test measures certified by the U.S. Bureau of Standards and be issued a “Certificate of Calibration.” • All meter proving systems should be equipped with a thermometer and pressure gauge located near the meter. • Proving […]

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Meter Proving

The purpose of proving a turbine or PD meter is to establish a factor which, when multiplied by the meter pulses and divided by the nominal K-factor, will give an accurate, corrected metered volume. Compensation for meter factors can be accomplished external to the meter through either mathematical or electronic means. The meter factor may […]

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