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There are several types of centrifugal separators that serve to separate entrained liquids, and solids if present, from a gas stream. For mist extraction applications, reverse-flow, axialflow and recycling axial-flow cyclones are typically used in multi-cyclone “bundles.” Cyclonic mist extractors use centrifugal force to separate solids and liquid droplets from the gas phase based on […]

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Vane or chevron-type mist extractors (vane-pack) use relatively closely spaced blades arranged to provide sinusoidal or zig-zag gas flow paths. The changes in gas flow direction combined with the inertia of the entrained liquid droplets, cause impingement of the droplets onto the plate surface, followed by coalescence and drainage of the liquid to the liquid […]

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Liquid Drop Sizes in Gas-Liquid Systems

The gravity settling theory above provides valuable insight into the significance of certain physical properties and the physics that together influence the separation of dispersed droplets from a continuous phase, e.g. liquid droplets from a gas or liquid droplets of a specific density from a liquid phase of another density. However, a couple of problems […]

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